Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Visit to the Carnality Ball...

On May 8th, Carl, Brady, Adam, Jamie and myself descended upon the annual Carnality Ball in downtown Oklahoma City. Thankfully, we were there because we were invited.

Let me back up and offer a brief explanation. About a month prior to May 8th, we were preaching in Bricktown when Brady was approached by a middle-aged man who handed him a pamphlet as he was preaching. Without looking at it, he handed it to me. It was a invitation to something called "the Carnality Ball." I looked at it...smiled...waited until Brady was done with his open-air, and told him "I know where we will be going on May 8th."

Cut to a month later. It just so happens (okay...NOTHING "just so happens") that Carl is in town for Mother's Day, and he joins us for this outreach event. This is what happened when Carl stepped up on the preaching box.

It didn't take very long before our preaching gathered some attention. Of course, these people hated God. They hated the Gospel. But that was all the more reason to preach the Gospel Biblically, boldly, and compassionately.

The revelers began to attempt to drown out the Gospel with their "music." They didn't succeed.